Writing Activity Now Available!

We would like to offer children one more writing opportunity while in the course of enjoying Ocean Forests.

Previously we have made shape book patterns and story starters available to foster prospects for writing about kelp forests. We’d like to offer one more, but with a different focus—this time suggesting kids write facts they have come to know about life in the kelp forests.

We have titled this activity “What I know about . . . “ and the idea is to help children understand the difference between factual writing and creative writing. Plus, this activity will help both parents and teachers glean what the children in their charge have learned in the course of using Ocean Forests and are able to express in writing.

There are more instructions on the printable linked below, but in a nutshell have children choose an illustration of a kelp forest inhabitant and write what they know about it. It’s a simple premise with a coloring option available, too!

Classroom teachers could make a bulletin board display of these writing efforts, where each child endeavors to create a Wikipedia-like entry. Parents can simply cover their refrigerators with their children’s knowledge!


Download the “What I Know About…” Activity for free here.

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