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Bright World Adventures are a new digital reading series that blends nonfiction reading, 3D exploration and content supportive gaming into one vocabulary-rich package.

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Bright World Adventures

Bright World Adventures

Bright World Adventures offers a very unique brand and series of reading apps for children. Apps sold under the moniker of Bright World Adventures blend three distinct activities into one high-quality experience. Apps include nonfiction stories, 3D exploration, and interactive gaming all of which provide children with exposure to scientific and academic language—the language children need for success in school and later in life.

Bright World Adventures’ apps focus on natural science topics because children have an innate curiosity about the world around them. While the reading aspects of the apps are nonfiction, the tone of the text is conversational which provides young children with a gateway to the more rigorous nonfiction (textbooks) that will confront them as they advance in school. Bright World Adventures are not, however, school textbooks. Although the apps are digital they can be purchased by anybody just like any fun children’s book—Dr. Seuss, Junie B. Jones, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, etc.

The breadth and depth of a child’s vocabulary is one of the key contributors to the achievement gap, and one of the most efficient ways to expose children to a broad expanse of vocabulary is via nonfiction reading. Why? Because nonfiction text tends to be very vocabulary-dense. Bright World Adventures designs apps to facilitate this type of language acquisition. The brand’s 3D environments immerse children in settings such as kelp beds and rain forests, beehives, and ponds of the Eastern seaboard so that language is presented in an organic and authentic way. App features such as interactive dictionaries and the option to listen to a story being read by a narrator also facilitate language development.

New reading standards and STEM initiatives each encourage nonfiction reading for young children, and Bright World Adventures supplies parents and teachers with high-quality,visually exciting, and interactive nonfiction reading options for the children in their charge. Bright World Adventures provide innovative reading apps for both home and school, creating brighter futures one word at a time.


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