Ocean Forests Shape Books Now Available

Shape books are a fun way to provide a writing opportunity for children—a chance to create their “own book”! At Bright World eBooks we want to encourage kids to have fun while writing, and so we are providing patterns for shape books that can accompany kids’ use of Ocean Forests.

Have children write – or dictate to you – a story about a day in the life of, say, a garibaldi living in the kelp forest. Or, ask children to write about what a garibaldi might eat during the day or to write a fanciful story about what garibaldis think of scuba divers. You may want to create a “Word Bank” on a piece of scrap paper, the chalk or white board to encourage the use of specific vocabulary words, or not. There is no correct way to use shape books with children; we just want to foster a writing opportunity.

We have provided several shapes from which to choose for the writing projects you wish your children/students to undertake. Enjoy!

Download Patterns for Ocean Forests Shape Books Here

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