Free Memory Game Available for Download

At Bright World eBooks we believe games are not only vehicles of fun, but that they often foster learning. Some games promote the use of strategy, others require team building, and ours tend to provide practice with new vocabulary.

Within the app Ocean Forests we offer a game titled Mind Match. Here we are offering a paper version of the same game to have when iPads aren’t accessible.

In Mind Match and in this traditional memory game that can be downloaded here, kids match pictures to their written names. For example, they would match the picture of an octopus to the word “octopus” for a match. This is all to help children acquire more sight words—words they recognize quickly without having to sound them out. The more sight words in a child’s repertoire, the easier reading becomes.

We are all for facilitating reading at Bright World eBooks and we hope your class and/or your family will enjoy some happy moments playing our memory games and acquiring some new sight words along the way!

Don’t forget to compare this paper game to the electronic game, Mind Match, within Ocean Forests. Mind Match provides three levels, the third of which is actually pretty hard! Teachers, moms, and dads may really fight the clock when engaged in Level 3!

Download Free Memory Game. Click here.

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