Calendar Activities for Ocean Forests Now Available!

Calendar activities initiate the days of many primary teachers. With that in mind, Bright World eBooks would like to provide you with materials that can be used when the learners in your charge are focused on the calendar.

Calendar activities often involve helping children grasp the nuance of time and language (e.g. “What was the day before yesterday?” or “How many days until Saturday?”). Our activities will amplify the opportunities for learning by first foreshadowing the fact that children will be reading and interacting with Ocean Forests sometime during the day, and importantly, providing additional exposure and practice with the new vocabulary presented in the app.

Come back to this blog often in the next couple of weeks. We will be making available many materials that can be used to promote the acquisition of new vocabulary by the children you love, care for, and teach. All based on the vocabulary presented in Ocean Forests, we will be providing memory games, shape books, award certificates, coloring pages, as well as a teacher’s guide to formally enhance children’s abilities to read and learn from nonfiction texts.

All of these materials will be offered via free download. Why? Because at Bright World eBooks we aspire to create brighter futures one word at a time!

So, visit us again – and often! And for today, we hope you will download and enjoy the calendar activities that accompany Ocean Forests.

Click here to download the Ocean Forests Calendar Activities.

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