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Children need to hear and experience new vocabulary in multiple ways before generating new words themselves. One way to address this fact is to offer children varied opportunities for reading, hearing, and interacting with the same vocabulary. For example, children could 1) read Ocean Forests independently or with the assistance of the story narrator; 2) sing a song about the kelp forest; and 3) watch a short video about the kelp forest.

Teachers and parents would then be able to talk to the children in their charge about what they learned from the storybook, the song, and the video. Was there similar information presented in each? Did they encounter the same vocabulary in all three? What was the easiest to understand? From which did they learn the most?

The idea above for “layering” opportunities to interact with new information is representative of the activities described in the teacher’s guide, Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forest, which accompanies our app, Ocean Forests.  At Bright World eBooks we want to foster opportunities for children to experience the new vocabulary introduced in our apps. Any or all of the ideas described in Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests can be used to further children’s acquisition of the new language used in Ocean Forests.

Use the following links to undertake the activity described above:

Kelp Forest Song, by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders

Five-minute video, narrated by children, about the kelp forest.



To download Ocean Forests from the App Store

To Download Teacher’s Guide — Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests.

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