Teacher’s Guide Now Available For Ocean Forests!

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While Ocean Forests can be utilized as a read-aloud opportunity for a whole group or as an independent reading option, it can also be used as a springboard to an entire thematic unit. Really! And we are providing the tools to make that happen.

Bright World eBooks has created Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests as a way to help teachers make the most of the resource Ocean Forests presents to classroom teachers. Five extension sessions are described within Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests, all involving opportunities for students to use new language. For example, one of the initial activities described is an interactive bulletin board whereby students, over a period of days, create and label a kelp forest within their classroom. Any of the activities within Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests can be used as a stand-alone learning opportunity or as part of a more comprehensive effort.

All apps produced by Bright World eBooks will be accompanied by a Thematic Extensions “user’s guide” for classroom teachers—and every one will be available for free! They will rely upon best practices where promoting the acquisition of new language is concerned. Each activity will cite CCSS standards, Next Generation Science standards, and target vocabulary. Activities will initially promote recognition of and practice with new vocabulary and then move toward students producing original writing to demonstrate their understanding of new vocabulary and concepts.

Teachers can use as many or as few of the activity ideas suggested in Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests as they choose. Download here to decide what is the best course of action for you and your students.

Please return here, to our blog, and share with us which activity ideas were the most successful in your classroom! Post pictures of your students creating their kelp forest bulletin board. Feel free to scan student writing and publish their efforts on our blog. You will undoubtedly think of extension ideas to add to this discussion and we welcome them all!

Click here to Download Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests

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