Story Starters Now Available!

I would like to dive into a kelp forest! I believe I would see . . . 

And so begins one of the Story Starters we’re providing so the children you love, care for, and teach will have an opportunity to write about their impressions of the kelp forest.

At Bright World eBooks we love to foster writing opportunities. They give children a chance to demonstrate what they have understood, in this case, about the kelp forests depicted in our app, Ocean Forests.

We have provided three Story Starters, each with a “word bank” to help with hard-to-spell words like “octopus” or “garibaldi.” Kids can color in the fronds of kelp that surround the periphery of the writing space and/or embellish their writing with drawings, stickers, or whatever their hearts’ desire to further personalize their stories.

If children are not yet writing independently, have them dictate their stories to you. Once you have written down, precisely, what they have dictated, ask them to read their stories to you.

We will continue, for the next two weeks, to provide materials—for free—to help children acquire the new vocabulary presented in our app, Ocean Forests. Keep checking back here for award certificates, coloring pages, and more! And in the interim we hope some imaginative stories about the kelp forest will be generated in your home or classroom!

Download Story Starters for Free Here.

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