Bright World eBooks team

Our Team

JUDY BELLETTI: Chief Executive Officer

Has been designing technology products to transform educational experiences since 1992. A former teacher, her aptitude for understanding the ways in which technology enhances learning experiences influenced products at Jostens Learning, where she designed some of the first educational software for school-wide purchase, at The Lightspan Partnership where school products were enhanced by Hollywood writers and artists, and at Classroom Connect where, before Skype, she delivered real-time content to classrooms across the country. As Director of Product Development at Lexicon Marketing she managed the creation of educational products sold direct-to-consumer.

JOHN ESTILL: Chief Operating Officer

A C-level executive for over 25 years, has led numerous companies in the successful creation and execution of their business plans. He has worked in the fields of children’s book publishing, medical devices, electronics, and consumer products. He has secured multi-millions of dollars in funding for start-up and for growth. He was responsible for the acquisition of Blue Sky Medical and Intelligent Medical Systems by Fortune 100 companies. He has a proven track record of increasing companies’ value through strategic planning, efficiencies and innovative guidance.

DAVID HAMBY: Chief Creative Officer

Is an experienced designer and producer in both animation and interactive productions. With a background including CG animation design, interactive gaming design, educational product development, special visual effects, compositing, and post production, Mr. Hamby has been involved in several successful startups including American Film Technologies and The Lightspan Partnership. He also has experience as a past lecturer for Siggraph and is a computer animation co-patent holder.

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