Bright World eBooks FAQs


Why nonfiction?

Bright World Adventures fosters the expansion of children's vocabularies, and nonfiction reading is the most vocabulary-intensive language experience available.

Written language almost always involves a more sophisticated use of language than oral communication. For example, the frequency of uncommon or rare words used in adult conversation is 17.3 per 1000, whereas the ratio of rare words in children's books is 30.9 per 1000. And even within written language there are distinctions; informational text contains more uncommon or rare words than narrative text.

Hence Bright World Adventures utilize authentic, nonfiction reading opportunities because they are the most vocabulary-rich option for fostering the expansion of children's vocabularies.

How are the listening opportunities in Explore good for my child?

Listening comprehension and reading comprehension are closely correlated; children cannot read what they don't understand.

The listening opportunities provided in Explore strengthen children's receptive language skills. The more children understand orally, the better their reading comprehension will be.

Why is there a record feature?

When children read orally, they make strides toward better reading fluency. Reading fluency enhances comprehension.

Our record feature encourages children to have fun with listening to themselves read. They can make serious attempts to sound like the story narrator or they can imitate a cartoon character, and either way kids are getting extra practice with reading fluency.

Why are games part of a reading program?

Our games utilize vocabulary presented in the eBook and Explore, providing practice with new vocabulary. Children need to hear/see new words often before they are able to use those new words themselves. Playing games is a fun way to nudge that process along.

Why apps?

Tablets are easy for children to use; there's no mouse, there are no cords. Even the youngest children seem to tap, swipe, and pinch the screen with ease. Tablets function all day on a single battery charge and are considerably cheaper than computers.

Purchasing apps is easy also. The online process is quick, whether for a parent buying for one child or a school buying for 500.

Are apps purchased or licensed for a period of time?

Apps are purchased for $2.99 and subsequently owned outright.

In order to make app purchases, consumers need to establish an account with either iTunes or GooglePlay. As long as the account remains active product purchases can be retrieved. In this way, if a family purchases a new tablet, previously purchased apps can be downloaded to the new device. By the same token, if schools are leasing tablets rather than buying them, and the time has come to swap out hardware, previously purchased apps can be downloaded again on the new devices.
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