Coloring Book Now Available!

Who among us hasn’t had a moment where we just wanted to relax? Everyone of us working at Bright World eBooks would have to admit there are times when a little artwork simply makes everything feel all better.

Today we’re offering a coloring book for free download based on our app, Ocean Forests. Just because. Kids like to color and many adults will admit to finding coloring books very therapeutic, so let’s all grab some crayons!

Some coloring pages will spur young artists to draw and color backgrounds behind the illustrations of animals living in the kelp forest. Other coloring pages are more detailed and are likely to involve long stretches of attention to complete the nuanced scenes.

Kids can cut individual coloring pages out, paste them on construction paper, and staple a few together to form a book. Individual pages can be displayed on the family refrigerator.

Whether children color one or many of our kelp forest-themed coloring pages, we hope they will thoroughly enjoy themselves!

Download Color Book Here.

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