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Award Certificates Now Available!

How nice to celebrate an accomplishment, the completion of a journey, or a job well done. Bright World eBooks encourages celebrations and we would like to make Ocean Forests award certificates available for free download.

Whether you want to recognize perseverance with the difficulty of the Mind Match game, an increasing awareness of the intricacies of life in the ocean, or improved oral fluency after recording oneself reading Ocean Forests over and over, a kelp forest-themed award certificate will be entirely appropriate!

The award certificates can be printed in color (as prepared) or black and white; which ever your preference. And these award certificates can recognize any and all ways of utilizing Ocean Forests. Perhaps your children used the app on their own everyday, while you prepared dinner. Or perhaps you utilized the teacher’s guide and orchestrated very focused efforts to expand the academic language capacity of your students over a 3-week time period. In both cases the Ocean Forests award certificates will provide a nice way to recognize children’s efforts.

Should you be encountering this blog for the first time, work backwards to find all the printables we have made available to accompany Ocean Forests—a kelp forest-themed BINGO game, shape books, calendar activities, story starters, a coloring book, and more! Children need many, many opportunities to encounter and interact with new vocabulary to begin using new words themselves and, at Bright World eBooks, we strive to make those opportunities possible both with electronic media and without.

Be on the lookout for the next app from Bright World eBooks, A is for Amphibians! It will provide a hopping good time!

And in the interim, enjoy acknowledging the efforts of the children you love, care for and teach with a rollicking award ceremony!

ocean forests certificates

Right Click to download and save the Award Certificates.

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Story Starters Now Available!

I would like to dive into a kelp forest! I believe I would see . . . 

And so begins one of the Story Starters we’re providing so the children you love, care for, and teach will have an opportunity to write about their impressions of the kelp forest.

At Bright World eBooks we love to foster writing opportunities. They give children a chance to demonstrate what they have understood, in this case, about the kelp forests depicted in our app, Ocean Forests.

We have provided three Story Starters, each with a “word bank” to help with hard-to-spell words like “octopus” or “garibaldi.” Kids can color in the fronds of kelp that surround the periphery of the writing space and/or embellish their writing with drawings, stickers, or whatever their hearts’ desire to further personalize their stories.

If children are not yet writing independently, have them dictate their stories to you. Once you have written down, precisely, what they have dictated, ask them to read their stories to you.

We will continue, for the next two weeks, to provide materials—for free—to help children acquire the new vocabulary presented in our app, Ocean Forests. Keep checking back here for award certificates, coloring pages, and more! And in the interim we hope some imaginative stories about the kelp forest will be generated in your home or classroom!

Download Story Starters for Free Here.

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Coloring Book Now Available!

Who among us hasn’t had a moment where we just wanted to relax? Everyone of us working at Bright World eBooks would have to admit there are times when a little artwork simply makes everything feel all better.

Today we’re offering a coloring book for free download based on our app, Ocean Forests. Just because. Kids like to color and many adults will admit to finding coloring books very therapeutic, so let’s all grab some crayons!

Some coloring pages will spur young artists to draw and color backgrounds behind the illustrations of animals living in the kelp forest. Other coloring pages are more detailed and are likely to involve long stretches of attention to complete the nuanced scenes.

Kids can cut individual coloring pages out, paste them on construction paper, and staple a few together to form a book. Individual pages can be displayed on the family refrigerator.

Whether children color one or many of our kelp forest-themed coloring pages, we hope they will thoroughly enjoy themselves!

Download Color Book Here.

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Teacher’s Guide Now Available!

Children need to hear and experience new vocabulary in multiple ways before generating new words themselves. One way to address this fact is to offer children varied opportunities for reading, hearing, and interacting with the same vocabulary. For example, children could 1) read Ocean Forests independently or with the assistance of the story narrator; 2) sing a song about the kelp forest; and 3) watch a short video about the kelp forest.

Teachers and parents would then be able to talk to the children in their charge about what they learned from the storybook, the song, and the video. Was there similar information presented in each? Did they encounter the same vocabulary in all three? What was the easiest to understand? From which did they learn the most?

The idea above for “layering” opportunities to interact with new information is representative of the activities described in the teacher’s guide, Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forest, which accompanies our app, Ocean Forests.  At Bright World eBooks we want to foster opportunities for children to experience the new vocabulary introduced in our apps. Any or all of the ideas described in Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests can be used to further children’s acquisition of the new language used in Ocean Forests.

Use the following links to undertake the activity described above:

Kelp Forest Song, by Birdsong and the Eco-Wonders

Five-minute video, narrated by children, about the kelp forest.


To download Ocean Forests from the App Store

To Download Teacher’s Guide — Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests.

Ocean Forests Shape Books Now Available

Shape books are a fun way to provide a writing opportunity for children—a chance to create their “own book”! At Bright World eBooks we want to encourage kids to have fun while writing, and so we are providing patterns for shape books that can accompany kids’ use of Ocean Forests.

Have children write – or dictate to you – a story about a day in the life of, say, a garibaldi living in the kelp forest. Or, ask children to write about what a garibaldi might eat during the day or to write a fanciful story about what garibaldis think of scuba divers. You may want to create a “Word Bank” on a piece of scrap paper, the chalk or white board to encourage the use of specific vocabulary words, or not. There is no correct way to use shape books with children; we just want to foster a writing opportunity.

We have provided several shapes from which to choose for the writing projects you wish your children/students to undertake. Enjoy!

Download Patterns for Ocean Forests Shape Books Here

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Teacher’s Guide Now Available For Ocean Forests!

bright world ebooks teachers guide

While Ocean Forests can be utilized as a read-aloud opportunity for a whole group or as an independent reading option, it can also be used as a springboard to an entire thematic unit. Really! And we are providing the tools to make that happen.

Bright World eBooks has created Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests as a way to help teachers make the most of the resource Ocean Forests presents to classroom teachers. Five extension sessions are described within Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests, all involving opportunities for students to use new language. For example, one of the initial activities described is an interactive bulletin board whereby students, over a period of days, create and label a kelp forest within their classroom. Any of the activities within Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests can be used as a stand-alone learning opportunity or as part of a more comprehensive effort.

All apps produced by Bright World eBooks will be accompanied by a Thematic Extensions “user’s guide” for classroom teachers—and every one will be available for free! They will rely upon best practices where promoting the acquisition of new language is concerned. Each activity will cite CCSS standards, Next Generation Science standards, and target vocabulary. Activities will initially promote recognition of and practice with new vocabulary and then move toward students producing original writing to demonstrate their understanding of new vocabulary and concepts.

Teachers can use as many or as few of the activity ideas suggested in Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests as they choose. Download here to decide what is the best course of action for you and your students.

Please return here, to our blog, and share with us which activity ideas were the most successful in your classroom! Post pictures of your students creating their kelp forest bulletin board. Feel free to scan student writing and publish their efforts on our blog. You will undoubtedly think of extension ideas to add to this discussion and we welcome them all!

Click here to Download Thematic Extensions: Ocean Forests

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