Award Certificates Now Available!

How nice to celebrate an accomplishment, the completion of a journey, or a job well done. Bright World eBooks encourages celebrations and we would like to make Ocean Forests award certificates available for free download.

Whether you want to recognize perseverance with the difficulty of the Mind Match game, an increasing awareness of the intricacies of life in the ocean, or improved oral fluency after recording oneself reading Ocean Forests over and over, a kelp forest-themed award certificate will be entirely appropriate!

The award certificates can be printed in color (as prepared) or black and white; which ever your preference. And these award certificates can recognize any and all ways of utilizing Ocean Forests. Perhaps your children used the app on their own everyday, while you prepared dinner. Or perhaps you utilized the teacher’s guide and orchestrated very focused efforts to expand the academic language capacity of your students over a 3-week time period. In both cases the Ocean Forests award certificates will provide a nice way to recognize children’s efforts.

Should you be encountering this blog for the first time, work backwards to find all the printables we have made available to accompany Ocean Forests—a kelp forest-themed BINGO game, shape books, calendar activities, story starters, a coloring book, and more! Children need many, many opportunities to encounter and interact with new vocabulary to begin using new words themselves and, at Bright World eBooks, we strive to make those opportunities possible both with electronic media and without.

Be on the lookout for the next app from Bright World eBooks, A is for Amphibians! It will provide a hopping good time!

And in the interim, enjoy acknowledging the efforts of the children you love, care for and teach with a rollicking award ceremony!

ocean forests certificates

Right Click to download and save the Award Certificates.

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